Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Live Action Role Play Workshop at CrossFit Cirencester! April 9th, Free Entry

All ages fun at CrossFit!

Will Carver is running a live action role play sword workshop at CrossFit Cirencester on 9th April. 11:00. Live action role play is an interactive game style. It involves people playing in character and following a story line, like a computer game, but in real life! Keeping you fit and cunning, this phenomenon is now growing more mainstream in Britain. And with kids stuck to their consoles, it can only be a positive thing to get them running about instead!

Will has his own story line, which is based in 873 A.D. and focuses on King Alfred’s campaign against the Danes. Though not based on true events, the mystery surrounding the dark ages has meant a great deal of artistic licence can be drawn to make the Gods of the Pagans and magic of cunning folk a reality.

But before donning the costumes and playing the game, basic medieval weapons techniques must be learned! It is a game with skill involved, and rules to be followed. Everyone is welcome and the April 9th workshop is free!

Get your place by contacting David Long below:

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