Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Inspired by Strictly Come Dancing? Britiannia Dance is for You!

We saw many celebrities embracing the different styles and characters of all those glitzy ballroom dances on our TV screens in Strictly and no doubt many of you were tempted by the prospect of learning a classic Waltz or cheeky cha cha.

It seems learning to dance is not just a rewarding hobby to grasp the skill of partner dancing but it can benefit your mental and physical wellbeing, create a new spark or dynamic in your relationship with an escape from the norm plus provide opportunities for meeting new people too.

Britannia Dance, run by experienced, qualified teachers Sam & Martina Ellis, are excited to announce a new beginner class starts in Cirencester on Thursday 2nd February at 7pm, in Chesterton Primary. They have a proven track record of turning non-dancers into twinkle toed with a relaxed and friendly approach.

This long awaited class in the community is taking bookings now so why not try a new thing with your partner for 2017 and discover the magic of Ballroom! 

To register email or call 07766 101790

Monday, 30 January 2017

10 Ways Fitness Helps Success and MOT your Body!

Crushing another day at work because of fitness.
10 Ways Fitness can help you Succeed in Business with Elite Health & Fitness 

1. Increased Energy

Consider cortisol, a steroid hormone that regulates your energy throughout the day. Under normal conditions, cortisol levels peak early in the morning to get you going, and then gradually declines as the day progresses, leaving you relaxed and ready to sleep at bedtime. A hectic work environment can throw this natural cycle into disarray. Even worse, many stressed-out workers turn to junk food, sugary snacks and caffeinated energy drinks to keep themselves going — all of which can make the hormonal roller-coaster ride even wilder. Months of this routine can exhaust the body and mind.

2. Better Sleep.

As little as 10 minutes of aerobic exercise, such as walking or cycling, can dramatically improve the quality of your night time sleep, especially when done on a regular basis. It may be easier when you are tired to skip the workout and go to sleep, but it may be beneficial for your long-term health to make the hard decision and get your exercise. This will reduce any patches of drowsiness and give you more energy throughout the day.

3. Better Mood

Exercise promotes all kinds of changes in the brain, including neural growth, reduced inflammation, and new activity patterns that promote feelings of calm and well-being. It also releases endorphins, powerful chemicals in your brain that energise your spirits and make you feel good.

4. Improved Focus.

These guys decided to train! Look how happy they are.

Exercise improves your brain in the short term by raising your focus for two to three hours afterwards. If you have a presentation or speaking engagement try to work out beforehand; you'll be at your peak when you must perform. In the long term, it can even help stave off brain aging and Alzheimer's. This works on the cellular level through neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to improve itself with blood flow and levels of brain-derived protein.

5. Increased Productivity

It is a fact that productivity brings about more productivity. When an individual is productive and efficient they are propelled to succeed more. Planning an exercise session within a busy schedule is more likely to increase your work performance and improve time management.

6. Reduced Anxiety (deadlines)

There is a direct link between inactivity levels and anxiety, this is due to issues such as hormone balance, tension and immune support. The benefit that exercise has on this primarily from the release of endorphins, these and are directly related to regulating mood and controlling the mind.

7. Brain Training

The cerebellum, the area of the brain traditionally associated mainly with movement, is also involved with higher functioning, like planning, socialising, abstract thought — even creativity and emotional intelligence.

8. More Resilient at Work

Regular exercise builds self-regulatory resources, the ability to self-regulate, or exert willpower, may be the most significant key to
Organise your resources!
success in the work environment — it’s what allows you to stick to a task when others give up, and to overcome obstacles that at first seem too difficult.

9. Helps Impulse Control

The release of endorphins after exercise can improve the prioritising functions of the brain. That means better decisions! Your ability to sort out priorities improves, allowing you to block
Get in touch with Mac of Elite
for your personal fitness MOT!
out distractions and better concentrate.

10. Time to Think

One factor that is often not said is that during exercise your mind
can become free of distraction. This allows you to think with a clearly. If there are pressing matters on your mind, head out for a walk, run, cycle or some strength training. This will improve your decision making and reduce the effects of external stress on your thoughts.
Question: There is one important aspect underpins all the above and that is: 

Answer: _____________


We would like to offer you a ½ price MOT

·         Nutritional Analysis

·         Fitness Analysis

·         Report on what you can do to improve things

Normally £60 you can receive this for £25 – simply email: and quote Bus/Art/01


Brazillian Jiu Jitsu in Cirencester

Wal (far right) went on to medal at the European
championships in Lisbon a week later.
Cirencester Grapplers was lucky to have some great coaches come in to train in Cirencester. Working at CrossFit Cirencester, Waldemar Glaz helped us get to grips with escaping after being pinned. A typical session of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu entails a skill being practised, then drilled.

However there were some key issues to address for people new to BJJ, such as the differences between sport and martial jiu jitsu. Known as human chess for its intricacy, lots of rolls, flips and sweeps are used in competition that may not be so useful in a night club brawl! Check out this video for a fun demo of sport style jiu jitsu. The next week Wal won Bronze in his weight category at the European IBJJF championships!
Connor and Will (centre) are looking forward to coming back
to Ciren!
Sport BJJ with Wal
Recently Connor Heaven and Will Stone also came in to show some great techniques. These techniques, known known as “spider” and “lasso” guard, are ways in which to hold back an opponent using their sleeves. These grips are then used to unbalance and sweep an opponent onto their back. If you’re interested in finding out more about grappling in town, check out the facebook page or e-mail for more details.

CJ Hole Celebrates 150th Birthday

 Mike Davis CJ Hole Director CJ Hole
New in town, but with wonderful experience stretching back 150 years, find out more about CJ Hole!
In July 2015 I was given the opportunity to open CJ Hole’s 20th branch in Cirencester. 18 months later and I can honestly say I’m enjoying Cirencester more than I could have imagined. For the last 25 years I have worked, as an estate agent, in numerous towns around Cirencester and have always hoped, one day, to be based here.

CJ Hole was established in Bristol in 1867 which means we are celebrating 150 years in 2017! 2017 also sees the 900th anniversary of the founding of the Augustinian Abbey of St Mary, in Cirencester, by King Henry 1 in 1117 and we are proud sponsors of the ‘The Abbey 900’ festival year!

At CJ Hole we provide professional and expert advice in residential sales, the sale and purchase of plots of land, new homes and potential development opportunities in and around Cirencester. We also offer landlords in the Cirencester area a high-quality lettings service including comprehensive property management. We have a unique service offering, Manage & Protect, which includes,

· CJ Hole will guarantee all unpaid rent from a tenancy

· Monthly tenant credit checks and notification of worrisome changes (such as no pay check!)

· CJ Hole will pay for legal assistance to pursue tenant-caused damage to your property over £1,000

· Free tenant eviction

· Legal representation and expenses paid by CJ Hole

· A 24/7 phone helpline for property-related matters

· All the benefits of our current Fully Managed service

If you are looking for an agent who will give you the individual service of an independent business but with the security of a corporate company, then we are the agent for you! We are currently running a promotion for new Landlords, so please call now for a free market appraisal.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Portable MRI Scanning. Results in 2 Days!

What you can expect to see in yourself!
Twisted your knee skiing? Pulled you back lifting Christmas presents? We can help!

The Cotswold Diagnostic Clinic is a sports clinic treating all sports people from the annual egg and spoon racer to the elite athlete or performer. We also do ultrasound and MRI scanning for sports, spinal, orthopaedic and rheumatological conditions.

Scanning can help to diagnose injuries, guide recovery times and help to exclude more serious or unexpected conditions. For example, we can give an estimate of time for muscle injury recovery. It can also provide accurate guidance for treatment. Ultrasound shows moving images of soft tissue injuries, such as tendon and ligament problems, muscle strains, and plantar fasciitis. It also assesses for arthritis, lumps and bumps, and collections (e.g. a large bruise). A particular advantage is guiding local treatments for injury rehabilitation.

MRI provides a much wider view for assessing muscles and larger joints (such as the shoulder, hip,
knee and ankle. It is also particularly useful in spinal injuries, knee ligaments and bony stress reaction. Examples include anterior cruciate injuries in skiers, stress fractures in runners, and looking for joint or bone injury in severe ankle sprains.

To arrange an ultrasound or MRI scan, you will usually need a referral from your doctor, physiotherapist or other health professional. We can provide advice on the benefits of different types of scans, on what the results actually mean for you, and on whether you require an additional specialist opinion.

Sports physician Dr Mahnaz Alsharif runs the sports clinic at Cirencester Hospital. Radiologist Dr Russell Young runs ultrasound at Cirencester Hospital and MRI scanning at Cirencester Football Club starting early in 2017. Primarily we are interested in providing a more accessible expert service in the Cotswolds. For further details, see the website at 

Spring Workshops at New Brewery Arts

Learning through all seasons! New Brewery Arts.
Spring Workshops at New Brewery Arts
There is a lot to be done this spring at Cirencester’s central arts centre.  Whether it is a workshop or a five week course, you can make great headway in the field of your choice.

Sticking out in February is Valentine’s Day Paper Cutting with Catherine Green.  Hone your skills with a scalpel to the level or Art Surgeon in this four hour session. Sure, you could pop into a supermarket to get a card, or you  could learn how to make your cards from scratch!
Making your own aromatherapy candle on the 18th Feb will be a great way to relax! This is an increasing return, because you not only enjoy the process but the result.

In March cushion making with Martha Van de Laan will give anyone with a sewing machine a new purpose! With details like how to do the buttons and button holes, your designs will have a solid base for future refinement.

Making a leather day bag with Jeremy and Carla Bonner is a top notch choice for those who want to house their laptop more exquisitely or approach craft from a pragmatic angle. You will truly be able to use what you make!

April sees a powerhouse month of craft touchdown. With a three day stonecarving master class, you will get exercise with your art! Less labour intensive pursuits include watercolour portrait with Mark Kelland and Silver ClayJewellery with Melanie Blake.

Don’t forget there are five week courses at New Brewery Arts and a whole host of other workshops. Even better, if you have friends or family you want to bring down, the Barrel Store offers a residential package.

Check out the complete package of courses and workshops here!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Enviromentally Friendly Dry Cleaning in Cirencester at the Waterloo Cleaners

The new hardware!

Waterloo Cleaners allow you to enjoy a step forward in dry cleaning...
The Waterloo Cleaners are officially the first clears in the Cotswolds area to adopt a new, eco friendly method of garment cleaning called ‘Wet Cleaning’, moving away from the traditional toxic, solvent based dry cleaning method.

Using the Miele Wet Cleaning process, we can clean ‘dry clean only’ labelled garments/textiles in a water-based system safely and effectively using safe biodegradable detergent.
How does it work?
The wet cleaning system uses highly sophisticated washers and dryers to safely clean all articles of clothing designated as dry clean only. Wet cleaning uses water (nature’s best cleaning solvent) and a safe biodegradable detergent mixture to clean. The biggest advantage of wet cleaning technology is that it is the most effective way to remove water based stains and odours, rendering clothes not only clean, but fresh smelling and the process does not expose workers or customers to toxic chemicals. A wide variety of materials can be cleaned in a wet cleaning system.
‘The advantage of the Miele system is that it is not only robust and well built but that it can also deal with unusual items, such as leather, handbags, sheepskin boots, beaded garments and wedding dresses. There’s not much we can’t process on site to our exceptional standards!’ says owner Darshan Mistry.
Come and give us a try, our existing customers love it!
The Waterloo Cleaners, 6 The Waterloo, Cirencester, GL7 2PY, 01285 651111.

A Year of 'Firsts' for Corinium Radio

Harry and Cameron sending marathon signals during
a colossal stint supported by the gang.
Volunteers from Cirencester’s Corinium Radio ended the year with a twinkle in their eyes.

As Santa was putting his reindeers and sleigh through their annual MOT before the big day, the local community radio station’s helpers were in party mood.

Their last monthly meeting of the year in December took place not at the usual town library venue but at the station’s studio in Bingham House, Cirencester.

And the reason for that was because there was work to be done – on the station’s first Christmas tree! Alongside the normal agenda, the volunteers decorated the tree and switched on the studio’s festive lights.

Members were encouraged to take along a Christmas bauble to help decorate the tree and there were mince pies and the odd festive drink to enjoy.

Said Corinium Radio spokesman Tony Coleman, “It was great fun and a great way to end a really memorable year.

“A few days before, we did a special broadcast when thousands of townsfolk turned up for the switch-on of Cirencester’s Christmas
Fred Hart brought a continental
feel to the station.
lights. We didn’t have as many people at our switch-on but in its own way it was just as colourful an occasion.”

This has been a special year in the life of Corinium Radio and here is a taste of what 2016 will be remembered for.

It was, of course, the year that the local radio station celebrated its tenth birthday - not with one event but a whole stream of them!

Perhaps the biggest of these was the 30-hour radio marathon undertaken by two of the station’s young volunteers, Harry Jerome and Cameron MacGregor.

They were both 17 at the time and smashed all expectations by raising more than £1,200, which helped boost funds for the children of Cirencester Opportunity Group.

It was also the year that Corinium Radio took honours in the annual Cirencester Chamber of Commerce business awards.
The station was named ‘Creatives Champion’ in the awards, highlighting the support it gives to the wealth of creative talent to be found on its doorstep. And that set the stage for another ‘first’.

During 2016 Corinium Radio was really excited to welcome its first ‘Creative in Residence’ to the station in the person of local Cirencester artist Laurie Plant.

The year also saw the station take on a continental flavour when long-standing member of the radio team Fred Hart went off to Cirencester’s twin town of Itzehoe to cover their annual wine festival.

And it was the year Corinium Radio brought to life a book by local author Simon May.
Carole and Laurie with his piece now on display at the
council offices.

The station recently broadcast a play adapted from Simon’s book The Siege of the Hares, which was

So you can see there has been something to get excited about for Corinium Radio volunteers almost every week.

Why not join them and help make things happen during 2017. Make it your New Year resolution to contact chair Carole Boydell on 07776 144033 and become a member.

Monday, 23 January 2017

New Years Resolutions with Elite Health and Fitness

Christian, Lorraine, Matt and Mac of Elite.

Elite have been helping people for years through the January period. Don't think it's too late to start work on the new year! For some more blogs visit

Each January, roughly one in three Brits resolve to better themselves in some way. I am certain a much smaller percentage of people actually make good on those resolutions. While about 75% of people stick to their goals for at least a week, less than half (46%) are still on target six months later, a 2002 study found.

Check out the top New Years resolutions:

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions
Stay fit and healthy 37%
Lose weight 32%
Enjoy life to the fullest 28%
Spend less, save more 25%
Spend more time with family and friends 19%
Get organized 18%
Will not make any resolutions 16%
Learn something new/new hobby 14%
Travel More 14%
Read more 12%
Source: Nielsen

Topping the list are stay fit and healthy, weight loss and enjoying life to the fullest. In 2017, what will you choose for your health?

Take a moment and reflect on the past 5 years of your resolutions. Write down your top three for each year and see if there is a pattern emerging. Do you find issues like your health condition, stress and weight loss are topping the list for each year?

If like many this is you something needs to change this year!

One of my favourite sayings: “if you do what you have always done you will get what you have always got”

It's hard to keep up the enthusiasm months beyond New Years’ celebrations, but not impossible. What needs to happen is change, sacrifice, planning and above all ACTION!

OK, what’s going to change? Perhaps it’s now time to seek some help in the area you most want to improve.

Many people join a gym only to be disappointed that it is way too busy at the times they want to go, or that the gym induction wait list is weeks away or that if you are left to your own devices your motivation and enthusiasm wanes after only a few weeks.

WARNING - Now I am going to give you a pitch for our services

At Elite we understand with all of the noise in people lives, demands, stresses, strains we are pulled from pillar to post. It is really hard to see the woods for the trees and we get why many fail in the quest for improved health.

From 2003 when we first opened, we’ve fine tuned our programmes and systems to guide, coach and motivate people like you. We cut through all of the noise and conflicting information. We get the mind and body where it needs to be for success.

We have home programmes, mentoring programmes and studio based programmes. These cater to your needs and budget.

At Elite Health & Fitness you don’t just get a personal trainer. Along with our team of personal trainers is a clinical nutritionist to tackle your life outside the gym. You will join us in our biggest year yet and you will be part of our successful community. We really care about each and every client and have created a lovely facility that never gets overcrowded as we limit our availability to make sure we offer the very best service. This includes an app and online support group to keep you involved and enjoying the process.

Is Elite Health & Fitness right for you? Check out the website where we are regularly updating with helpful information. If you can’t wait and want to know more before the January rush then email We will forward the link and you will be one of the first to have a look at what we can do for you.