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Hormone Harnessing Advice from Mac of Elite Health & Fitness

Ladies lifting, actually a great way to harness
your hormones!
Ways to improve your health and body composition by naturally controlling your hormones with Mac from Elite.

Eat Healthy Fats (Including Coconut Oil and Avocados)

Eating a variety of foods high in short, medium and long-chain fatty acids is key to keeping your hormones in check. Your body needs various types of fats to create hormones, including saturated fat and cholesterol. Not only are these essential fats fundamental building blocks for hormone production, but also they keep inflammation levels low, boost your metabolism and promote weight loss.

Balance Your Intake of Omega-3 to Omega-6 Fats

The use of refined vegetable oils and intake of omega-6 fatty acids in our diets have skyrocketed. Because people didn’t also boost their intake of omega-3 foods during this time period, the result has been drastically elevated omega-6 levels.  Fish oils feature heavily in our gut and fat loss programmes.

Sarah Gunn putting in cardio, could you experience her
results? Click here for more info.

Improve Gut Health & Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut is a condition that not only affects your digestive tract, but also causes hormone issues. Gut problems have been found to trigger autoimmune reactions, including arthritis and thyroid disorders. So what exactly is leaky gut syndrome?

When undigested food particles, like gluten for example, leak through your gut into your bloodstream, it causes disease-causing inflammation that impacts the entire body — especially glands like the thyroid, which is very susceptible to heightened inflammation. Most people with leaky gut have a deficiency of probiotics in their guts. 

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that can actually improve your production and regulation of key hormones like insulin, and leptin.

Steer clear of the foods that can cause damage in your digestive system most, including: processed foods, gluten, hydrogenated oils and added sugar. The top foods and supplements that support healing leaky gut include: bone broth, kefir, fermented vegetables, and high-fibre foods like vegetables and sprouted seeds. In addition, supplements like digestive enzymes and probiotics can aid in repairing your gut lining, which in turn can balance your hormones.

Thumbs up for this breakfast. But do you know why?
Expert nutritional advice can guide you to the right choices.

Exercise (Especially strength and interval training)

One of the best all-around activities you can do for your health is high intensity interval training (HIIT) − including one of my favourite types called tabata. Exercise in general is great for balancing hormones because it reduces inflammation, can help you maintain a healthy weight, lowers stress, helps regulate your appetite, and aids in getting better sleep.

Whether we’re talking about endorphins from a “runner’s high”, testosterone, growth hormone or insulin, HIIT, Tabata and strength training can help your body regulate production and use of these hormones. Exercise can also enhance your immune system, allow your cells to take up more glucose (which lowers insulin), protect you from depression, and keep you more alert without the need for caffeine.

Keep in mind that optimal exercise can differ a lot from person to person however, so it’s a good idea to seek advise from an experienced personal trainer if you’re ever unsure.

Reduce Stress & Get More Sleep

Unless you get 7-8 hours of sleep every night, you’re doing your body no favours. A lack of sleep or disturbing your natural circadian rhythm can be one of the worst habits contributing to a hormone imbalance because your hormones work on a schedule.

Cortisol, the primary “stress hormone”, is regulated at midnight. Therefore, people who go to bed late never truly get a break from their sympathetic flight/fight stress response.

A lack of sleep, long-term use of corticosteroids and chronic stress are three of the biggest contributors to high cortisol levels. 

Sleep helps keep stress hormones balanced, builds energy and allows the body to recover properly. Excessive stress and poor sleep are linked with higher levels of morning cortisol, decreased immunity, trouble with work performance, and a higher susceptibility to anxiety, weight gain and depression. To maximize hormone function, ideally try to get to bed by 10 p.m.

Can a drink like this better pick you up than a coffee?

Watch Your Caffeine & Alcohol Intake

Caffeine in moderate amounts might be okay for some people, but drinking too much caffeine is almost as bad as not getting enough sleep. Caffeine, which can stay in your system for up to six hours, is a chemical that affects the central nervous system (CNS) and raises your heart rate, increases alertness, and changes the way your brain produces hormones.  You’re probably aware that caffeine is addictive by nature, increases nervousness and anxiety in many people, and is linked with insomnia.

Another important step is to watch your alcohol intake, since high levels of alcohol (above about 2-3 drinks daily) can negatively impact liver functioning. Chronic alcohol consumption can contribute to oestrogen dominance and has been found to interfere with pancreatic functioning, increase liver disease risk, lower testosterone and contribute to anxiety and malnutrition. The liver is very important for hormonal balance and has over 500 different functions in the body!

Supplement with Vitamin D3

Vitamin D almost acts like a hormone inside the body and has important implications for keeping inflammation levels low. This is why people who live in dark areas often suffer from seasonal depression and other health problems unless they supplement with vitamin D. Sunshine is really the best way to optimise vitamin D levels because your bare skin actually makes vitamin D on its own when exposed to even small amounts of direct sunlight. 

Do you feel expert guidance could help you?
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Wurzels at the Tunnel House Inn May 28th, Last Chance for Tickets!

The Wurzels are playing at The Tunnel House Inn, Cirencester
on Saturday 28th May with support band Tundra.
The Tunnel House is a popular pub on the edge of the village of Coates. In an idyllic countryside enclave, enjoy the tunes of the South West in the heart of the region!

The last remaining tickets are on sale now!

Book your tickets online now

Tetbury Climber Jake Meyer Provides Insight Into Kenton Cool's Recent Everest Summit

Kenton Cool on Everest

Local Man Kenton Cool Summited Everest, Here Tetbury Climber Jake Meyer Provides Insight Before He Attempts K2

Imagine climbing the highest peak in the world, what would you see? One man who knows is Jake Meyer. “Years of ropes and prayer flags form dreadlocked hawsers intertwined with the snow and ice. Whilst it may not be pristinely clean like many a mountain summit, it does form a sort of colourful crown atop Everest’s peak.” Recently Cirencester man Kenton Cool got to the top for the 12th time.

Kenton’s continuing achievements on Everest are absolutely incredible – The most British ascents of Everest (he keeps beating his own record!), and now not far off the record for a non-Nepali (15).” says Jake Meyer, the youngest Brit to ever stand on Everest’s summit when he was 21 in 2005.
Most recently Kenton saw the summit on 12th May at 08:15 local time. Though a keen CrossFit Cirencester member, fitness is not as large a part of climbing as other aspects like preparation and mental fortitude. Jake explained:

“I’ve never done any training for any expedition! Physical preparation for high level mountaineering varies hugely from climber to climber. Some will spend huge amounts of time in the gym (I know that Kenton is a fan of Crossfit) working on their strength and conditioning, others will focus on their cardio vascular (even going as far as sleeping in special altitude tents in their beds (at home!) which act as hyperbaric chambers to aid pre-expedition acclimatisation.”

Jake Meyer on Poebeaba, Kazakhstan

Of course leading up to any expedition is a great deal of background activity. “. On the mountain, the larger expeditions will have basecamp support staff who’ll manage the logistics and maintain the radios during the summit attempt. Back at home, the ‘support team’ can be hundreds strong: family, friends, sponsors, supporters – all the people who’ve helped in a huge variety of ways to get you to the point where you can focus on the mountain – and without whom, you’d probably never have left home.”

Jake himself will be taking on K2 in Pakistan in June. Widely considered the most difficult and dangerous mountain in the world, Jake is taking the challenge on whilst raising money for Walking With The Wounded. Y
ou can follow the expedition at and To find out more about Kenton Cool and his experiences, you can visit

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Discover The Cirencester Scene Magazine

The magazine puts your message across.

Discover The Cirencester Scene Magazine

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A Geoff Carr garden.
CS gets me clients and helps me stay known in the town. People recognise me from my articles.” Hilary Norris-Evans of Get Mind Fit -Hypnotherapy, Coaching and more.
Hilary Norris-Evans demonstrating


Cirencester Scene works for me because it sells my business through its genuine connection with its readers.” Geoff Carr Garden Design

“As soon as the Scene started dropping, we had an immediate response, and we’ve actually now sold out and are turning people away!” Ben Jarvis, Alex Cars.

One of Alex Cars wonderful busses...
“Over the last seven years, I have advertised my bridal business in the Cirencester Scene Magazine. Thanks to the help, guidance, and encouragement of its editor, I have grown the marketing of my Studio enormously...” Kim Gentil, The Bridal Studio.

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When you work with us, we guarantee not to promise anything we can’t back up, and we will suggest options if we feel that will help. If you want your message throughout the Cirencester area, get in touch now!

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Business Jelly at UBC Cirencester: Could You do With Coworking?

A blank canvas for your creativity...
Cirencester Business Invited to Free Coworking Day at UBC
Cirencester Businesses Invited to Free Coworking Day at UBC - See more at:
Cirencester Businesses Invited to Free Coworking Day at UBC - See more at:

On Weds 1st June United Business Centre in Cirencester is opening up for an adventurous coworking day! If you're a start up, home business or even have an established premises, coworking in a new environment could be beneficial for creativity and thinking out of the box.

Current residents of UBC Cirencester, Screen4, enjoy their office situated on the Tetbury Rd. "Of specific importance to us was the ability to access the offices 24/7. In addition, a robust and reliable communications package matters to us as we cannot afford to be out of contact for a second." says Gaynor Hutton.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Access

To find out more and sign up, visit here:

Cirencester Cast Required For West Side Story

Auditions are open...
West Side Story is coming to Cirencester this summer: Stage Companies MJ-UK and StageSmart unite for annual summer show, Music Theatre Project

Auditions to be held in Cirencester and London in search for top young talents

MJ-UK and StageSmart are pleased to announce the launch of Music Theatre Project, a brand new annual performing arts company. They are bringing in a professional team and unveiling the Summer Project with a full-scale musical of West Side Story. The team includes West End Director Kirk Jameson (Seussical the Musical), and Musical Director Jonathan Gill (The Lion King, The Sound of Music). Auditions are confirmed for both Cirencester (28th May) and London (30th May).

The two successful music theatre companies are joining forces to bring the West End to the Cotswolds. MTP aims to showcase the talent of young performers and launch the careers of those looking to embark on a career in the industry. The course will provide students with essential technical skills taught by a professional team, as well as valuable contacts and credit for participating in a huge scale performance. A two week intensive course will run from 30th July – 13th August, culminating in the final shows on the 11th, 12th and 13th August.

Picture from Clockmaker's Daughter, could this be your stage?

“West Side Story is widely recognised as a major milestone in the history of musical theatre. In addition to Leonard Bernstein's epic score, the piece boasts Shakespeare's genius as a foundation for the entire story and also served as the first outing for the now legendary Stephen Sondheim, who wrote the lyrics. It's little wonder then that almost 60 years on, it remains one of the world’s most treasured musicals. Working with Musical Theatre Project on this piece feels like a natural fit, and with the fantastic creative team we've assembled, we're sure to produce some very exciting results.”- Kirk Jameson, Director

Co-founders of MTP, Maria Jagusz and Iwan Lewis, are delighted to see their project coming into view. Earlier this year they worked together to co-produce ‘The Clockmaker’s Daughter,’ receiving fantastic reviews. The success of this production spurred them on to officially team up, forming an unparalleled partnership that will ensure a superb ensemble this summer.

Anyone wishing to audition should register on, which has just been launched.

Find out more about the two companies here:

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Somewhere Else Running Club, Breaking PB's and Toning Legs

Lunges, the glamorous way to improve your running!
Photo Becky Heal.

The Somewhere Else running club meets twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. The club offers a very cheap way of keeping fit and meeting fellow running enthusiasts. With a large group of members, if you were new to the town it wouldn’t take long to feel at home in Cirencester!

Coach Matt Lambourne has been tasked with upping the fitness levels and making a packet of training that will allow those of all levels to take part. Like any interest, you can’t just run to get better at running. To that end, on Wednesdays there
A bit of fresh air and some high vis never hurt.
Photo Becky Heal
is all round fitness session. Short sharp exercises are undertaken to build up speed and stamina for the longer distances. This type of training gives a foundation for improvement that can be measured on the regular 10km runs made on Monday evenings.

To take part in these enjoyable group activities, check the website and drop an e-mail! At £35 for the year, you will not regret the value on offer.

Congratulations: Local man Kenton Cool Summits Everest

Kenton will climb anything, even people.
Training at CrossFit Cirencester, a valuable
piece in the fitness puzzle.
Today at 08:15 local time, Cirencester resident Kenton Cool summited Everest along with Robert Lucas and their Sherpa guides. It is the 12th time Kenton has reached the top and as such is a British record. 

Kenton is a keen Cirencester CrossFit member and we will be back with more over the kind of fitness you need if you aspire to climb!
Until then, congratulations to Kenton and his fellow climbers. If you want to follow Kenton you can do so on the links below: