Thursday, 23 June 2016

Win £360 of Training in Cirencester: Welcome to Elite-Open Day 25th June (This Saturday!)

P.E. has never been so fun.
Elite are experts in Personal Training and Clinical Nutrition, which enables them to give you the necessary components required for success.

Discover tried and true ways to gain energy, stamina, lose weight, reduce stomach complaints and more...

Saturday 25th sees a fun packed day at Elite Health & Fitness. There will be a chance to win prizes (see bottom). Located in the industrial estate, plenty of hard work gets hammered out in this gym! But today the workshop is opened up to the public. From 7-12 adults, kids and hungry people will all have something to do at Elite.

But first, the day will start at Jesse Smith's, newly opened up at Unit 13A 19 Love Lane. With a workshop based over how to eat, breakfast will be enjoyed and an open surgery with Mac will allow people to ask any questions about how to temper their diet for ultimate results.

The event is free but the food will cost £12. Of course in the long run you'll save money by making wise decisions from tips picked up! Sign up here:

The schedule for the rest of the day is as follows:
 Sign up for your classes below!

Prizes on offer include:
One month of Personal Training (£360)
The NEW Elite meat box donated by (Jesse Smith)
Beauty treatments
Sports massage
Your Nutritional Blueprint
FREE fitness classes for 3 months
FREE place in our siganture 21 Day Programme
and much more... 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Front Garden Festival 2016!

Calm and vibrant!

Cirencester Front Garden Festival 2016
Celebrating the Front Gardens of Cirencester

It’s not too late to enter the Cirencester Front Garden Festival.
 If you’re undecided about getting involved in the Front Garden Festival you might find the information below will help to persuade you. An interesting and lovingly crafted horticultural display can be your pride and joy when it bursts into life during late spring/early summer. With the Front Garden Festival you have the opportunity and incentive to really go to town on your efforts this year. Some late-spring sunshine and an abundance of blooms is all it takes to lift the spirit and there is also the added incentive of £300 in prizes, details below.

Joining in the festival could not be easier, here is all the information you’ll need to help you make the most of this joyous event.

Who can join in the Front Garden Festival?
Straight gardening!
Anyone can enter. This Festival is for you if you have a public facing garden or access to a publicly visible plot that you think needs improving or if you have a shop window that can display a planting scheme, anywhere that can be made attractive equally for you and passers-by. You will not need to allow public access to your garden or plot; the Front Garden Festival is for displays that can be readily seen by passers-by and don’t forget that even the smallest of plots is welcome to join in.

How do I get involved in the Front Garden Festival?
Getting involved couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is request a Front Garden Festival sign and place it where it can be seen by passers-by. 

Who do I contact for my Front Garden Festival sign?
Simply send your name and address and details of where your horticultural display can be seen to Cirencester Scene, or ‘phone 01285 659673 or text 07875 071555.

Good on many levels.

When does the Festival run?
The festival will run throughout May, June and July 2016.

What are the prizes?
The three displays considered the best by the judging panel will each receive a £100 gift voucher for Dobbies Garden Centre.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and please don’t forget to send in photographs of your display, we’d love to see them and we’ll print as many of your pictures as we can.

The Front Garden Festival is sponsored by Cirencester Scene Magazine, Corinium Radio and GrassHoppers garden maintenance company.

The Resilience Effect with Hilary Norris-Evans

Hilary Norris-Evans

The Resilience Effect 
A skilled therapist, language teacher and eternal student, what can you learn with Hilary?

The trend nowadays is away from stress management and towards emotional intelligence, mindfulness and self hypnosis, which is likely to result in employees and employers and people in general developing a greater level of resilience both emotionally, mentally and physically. This makes them less prone to stress.

Should employers be bothered?

Yes, because, if it can be proven that they didn’t take reasonable care to protect employees from the effects of stress they face potential litigation. The floodgates opened after the famous Walker versus Northumberland case, when John Walker successfully sued his employer and secured a payout of over £200,000. Health and Safety law dictates that employers are required to have a duty of care to take all ‘reasonable’ steps to help all employees manage and control stress. According to the UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive, employers who can demonstrate they have a scheme in place to manage stress are far less likely to be sued.

Effective resilience building programmes engage the participants in a presentation/discussion about stress, how it occurs and how mindfulness and resilience building can work. Stress is part of life and we need to learn to be aware of it in ourselves and others and use preventative measures before it holds us in its grip. A typical approach would be a combination of Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Mindfulness, solution focused hypnotic and cognitive therapy techniques, so ideally you are looking for a practitioner who is trained, qualified and experienced in all these areas.

Hilary trains the next generation of therapists and speaks internationally in companies and to her colleagues; her last workshop was on anxiety states in Birmingham and

she will be running a workshop on Problem Gambling in Ireland soon. 

Fall Awake to your Potential
Hilary Norris-Evans helps individuals and organisations empower themselves and resolve issues using methods and ideology from all the areas she is qualified and experienced in: Hypnosis, CBT, Mindfulness, Resilience Building, Consultancyand Emotional Intelligence. Contact her for a free short presentation to your management team on how she can best help you and/or your company move forward effectively., 07887714892,

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Cake Day for CHYP Thurs 23rd June with Alison Fielden & Co, Celebrating 30 Years

This practice are of use to almost everyone!

This year Alison Fielden & Co celebrates 30 years of service to the people and businesses of Cirencester and the Cotswolds. 

In 1986 Alison Fielden started the firm in Cirencester where she had been living for the last 4 years.  At that time she was working in Swindon
and considering her future there.  However, as a young mother with a 2 year old she had a burning desire to set up her own practice, she particularly wanted the freedom that would give her to concentrate on client service and not on the bureaucracy which goes with larger organisations. 

From the very beginning, above an Indian Restaurant in Castle Street, Alison looked to create a firm which put clients first, avoided office politics and focused on doing the best job for clients. 

On her own she had the ability to be flexible in meeting client’s needs, to be innovative in developing new ways of serving those clients without being bogged down in lots of discussion, bureaucracy and those dreaded office politics. 

Quality has been a watchword for Alison throughout the life of the firm.  She has always sought to give a quality service to clients.  When she took on staff she looked to employ quality well qualified people who could do their job and give a quality service to clients with little interference from her. 

Flexibility and innovation have meant that Alison could develop new services for clients and new ways of delivering those services as she saw the need.  Whilst conveyancing and property related matters have always been the main field of work for Alison, in those early days she also developed a criminal practice, sadly a service she is no longer able to offer clients.  She saw the need and opportunity to qualify as a Notary Public to offer additional services to local individuals and business with international connections. 

To be able to offer a wide range of services to local people who could not afford them, she entered into contracts with the Legal Aid Board and Legal Services Commission, when Legal Aid was more generally available.  From the outset she opened the office on Saturday mornings to enable clients who struggled during the week to come in.  The firm developed a recycling policy and a no smoking policy long before those matters were popular ideas. 

For Alison, and the people that she has employed, highlights have been when clients let her know that they are pleased with the job that has been well done; she delights in getting a difficult job done well. 

Over the years she has got to know lots of people in the local area, local businesses, the Mayor and counsellors, members of the Chamber of Commerce but also the many clients for whom she has worked.  She was a Governor at Chesterton Primary School for 24 years. 

Also in 1986 Cirencester Housing for Young People(CHYP) started.  Alison’s work brought her into contact with that organisation and she and the firm have always supported the work CHYP have done.  In recent years they have marked “CHYP Awareness Week” by holding a cake sale on their forecourt.  This year as CHYP celebrate their 30th Anniversary Alison Fielden & Co have sponsored one of their volunteers to undertake a Wing Walk to raise funds for the organisation.  Later in the year members of staff at Alison Fielden & Co are planning to walk, cycle and run 30 km through the Cotswolds, hoping to raise more funds for CHYP. 

Being part of the community and giving back to the community has always been important for Alison which is why for the last 2 years and again this year Alison Fielden & Co have sponsored the Christmas Lights in Cirencester. 

Whilst celebrating 30 years of service to the community, people and businesses of Cirencester and the Cotswolds, Alison Fielden & Co is looking forward to continue serving that community, those people and businesses going forward into the future. 

Alison Fielden & Co have well qualified solicitors and staff to advise in the following areas of law:
·         Property, residential and commercial;
·         Business matters;
·         Family Law – divorce, finances and children;
·         Employment Law, litigation and debt collection;
·         Wills and Probate
alongside Alison’s continuing work as the only Notary Public in Cirencester. 

Alison Fielden & Co, The Gatehouse, Dollar Street, Cirencester, Glos GL7 2AN

Telephone: 01285 653261 – Email: