Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Zane Meldere Article No 1. Lifestyle Choices: Don´t Diet, Live

Zane Bokmeldere, Personal Trainer writes:

When society is built up in a particular way, how do you change yourself inside before the results show outside. The answer is choices.
Society doesn’t know best
I believe that in most cases a badly run body is a symptom of lifestyle choices you are making, or society makes for you. Most of the causes for obesity are food and drink we consume on a daily basis. If you’re English, why have tea with milk, if your body works better on green tea with lemon? If you’re Italian, why have a cappuccino because of accident of birth if you are sensitive to lactose. Find out what works for you, even if it makes you different to your peers.
Form the right strategy
Arriving at the gym on poor habits is like trying to turn a car on with no petrol. Even lifting the heaviest weights couldn’t remove all fat if someone only ate chocolate. Sleeping patterns and activity levels, which may lead to fat gain, illnesses and depression, are often a big part of modern exhaustion. Who’s come home from work exhausted, yet never breaking a sweat? If this is you, I can teach you how to embrace a better strategy. How you eat and when you eat are big parts of the recipe, and learning to say no to a craving or a friend is also a key skill.
It’s not about the gym
Many people will come to me and say they want a ‘’six pack’’ or to be a certain weight. These things are understandable, but like fatigue and fat, they are a symptom of a lifestyle which three hours in the gym a week won’t fix, if the other hours of the week are spent self-destructively.
Fads and red-herrings
Re-frame your mind. Concepts such as diet, big bones and genetic fatness are overused. What is important? Starving yourself on only mangoes when you feel bad and might binge, or to actually eat more whilst training effectively, even if it raises your weight temporarily?  This weight gain often won’t change your fitting sizes, and may well give you a slimmer frame overall as you stand with better posture.
What does work? Small choices, big results.
Fats aren’t bad, protein won’t make a lady bulky, and carbohydrates can fatten. Of course, the quality of the food is the issue. This doesn’t mean expensive, but better choices of what’s available in a confusing world are a must to reach your goals. Being able to go into town and take a black coffee instead of a hot chocolate, or to take a salad instead of chips and burgers might make you stick out at first. Maybe your friends will comment, but if you want to make a positive change in your life, you must build up a support network.  A personal trainer such as myself can be a vital link in the chain.
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Comedy in Cirencester

Though Cirencester is a small market town, in the last few months comedy of all levels has become more frequent. The undisputed largest venue is the Sundial Theatre, which this year alone has had Lee Hurst, Josh Widdicombe, Shappi Khorsandi, Michael McIntyre and Marcus Brigstocke. This may be a surprise to a lot of people in the town centre, that such big names have been visiting town on the grounds of Cirencester College.

However, for any aspiring acts, or those who are just interested in a cheap night out, two Sunday’s of the month see newcomers/new material nights.

Somewhere Else has their comedy night on the second Sunday of every month, whilst The Vaults has its night on the last Sunday of every month. These events are open for absolutely newcomers, whilst featuring a few more established acts.

The next big comedy show coming to The Sundial Theatre is 14th June with “The Best of Chortle” with tickets at £15. For more information about newcomers nights contact

Sundial Theatre Review: The Brig Society, Marcus Brigstocke 18/04/13 Sundial Theatre

Caddy, resident comedy cat
Find out more about Comedy in Cirencester
Large audience is drawn to local theatre...
A sell out show found the Sundial Theatre swarmed exactly like how it must have been on Friday 12th when Michael McIntyre hit Cirencester with a surprise show ahead of an international tour.
Marcus is nowhere near as famous as Michael, and you get the feeling he doesn’t want to be either. Unafraid to speak his opinion and talk about politics, he unashamedly bashes the Big Society concept of David Cameron for its fundamental difficulty, that some jobs don’t have an amateur level. Does a brain surgeon need an amateur status to keep his Olympic options open? No, you want them professional.
Marcus claimed to have opened a hospital and found it frankly “hard work”. He quizzed the crowd about how they had been getting involved in the Big Society, “What volunteer work have you done today sir?” to many blank responses.
Scathing as it was, he made his point without having to overcook the pudding and all his gripes with the conservatives were based on facts, though clearly his interpretation of them.
It is always hard when talking politics. There are generalisations, but Cirencester is a Tory strong hold and often people who aren’t the exponent of capitalism and the free market see themselves as conservative.
Despite the blue blood of a large amount of the audience, Brigstocke went down well. Even so, he didn’t exactly offer up a solution to the issue. I doubt his political opinions can be expressed through the mechanisms of any of the big three parties, but one thing most people can agree upon was the lovely explanation of banking.
The absurd bonus scheme for failing banks was mercilessly ripped by himself taking on the role of the banker, and essentially robbing the crowd of real money. One father shouted out “You’ve stolen money from a 13 year-old girl!” “And I’m not sorry, I’m a banker.”
During the break, a cat ventured into the reception area and took pride of place, pawing at the floor and purring as hundreds of people walked past perplexed, “Did he come for Marcus?” was the main question. Turns out the cat comes to most big name productions, and has been interviewed by local radio.
Marcus had no opener, and he smashed through nearly two hours of material without a falter. Apparently over his 100th show of the same tour, you’d expect it, but it was left with enough room for manoeuvre. Strongly recommended!

More about Marcus and the theatre:

Thursday, 18 April 2013

You Could Win a Free Drink Every Day for the Month of June!

Starbucks Cirencester celebrates its first Birthday on Saturday 4th May
Party Mood
In order to celebrate the first birthday of Starbucks Cirencester, the team are organising a special series of events throughout the day to say thank you for all your loyal custom.
Free giveaways every hour, quizzes and samples will be handed out, so please come and join the team in celebrating a wonderful year.
On 3rd, 4th and 5th May you can pop into the store at 41 Market Place and take part in the quiz. Simply entering will gain you a free treat, but the lucky winner will get a free “tall” drink for every day of June.

Last entries must be delivered by Thursday 9th May, with the winner being announced on the Saturday 11th May.
The fun doesn’t stop there, there will be plenty more going on in the store on Saturday 4th May.
In the last year Starbucks hasn’t just been just about selling coffee and cake. The team have set up a dog friendly store and have given up some of their free time to volunteer in the local community. Picking up litter in the Abbey Grounds and helping out at the local Oak & Farrow wildlife centre are just some examples of what they have been doing.  They also host a book club once a month, a Corinium Radio Open Mic on the last Sunday of every month, and support two charities; The Timmy Mason Trust and Winstons Wish. The Open Mic has seen locals musicians such as the Consuelas, The Black Feathers, The Tramp Aviators and theatre group MJ:UK take over the store.
To find out more, please ‘like’ the Starbucks Cirencester Facebook page.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Flaming Feathers Review-22nd March Barn Theatre, Cirencester

The hostesses will treat anyone well
The Flaming Feathers Presented Burlesque to an appreciative audience...
The Flaming Feathers are a Bristol based troupe of Burlesque dancers. Boasting a wonderful array of artistes, the audience can indulge their eyes in the flesh of toned and buxom ladies without worrying the wife will find out, because quite honestly, it will probably have been her idea to go.

Holly and Sandi "Great night!"
The live singing was wonderfully choreographed and the vocals were delivered by Alice Maria Sparey, with lipstick wonderfully accenting her dress. Having the toughest job of the night, the host Muriel Lavender was presented as a Poetrix, though also had to break the ice. Rather than softening up the audience, she stoked up their "lady wood" with winks and inuendo. Once that was done, with delight she fanned the flames with her vintage equipment (a fan). Apparently she is the pope in her spare time, and indeed Muriel had more balls than the men in the audience this night, with adorable poetry about how young kids should pick up their rubbish and wear belts. This inoffensive poem had once caused offence to a man who had come to see breasts, not have his time wasted with verse.

Troupe leader GoldieLox was professional and glamorous throughout, along with the rest of the girls. Miss Dolly Rose, a wonderful soloist flirted with the audience popping many balloons and blood vessels on the way.

Sarah and Rachael "Will come back"
With a large variety of styles covered, by the end of the night some were as drunk on caberet as wine. Despite having a large amount of people in the audience, the girls did their best to mingle after the show and get to know the people who'd come to see them for the first time.

The Flaming Feathers will be back in Cirencester, and when they do come, you'll hear it here!

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