Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Cirencester: Discover Local Talent! StageSmart Presents "The Wizard of Oz" at the Bingham Hall! April 7th-9th

Love Theatre? See it in Cirencester!
Announcing a New Cirencester Production! Choreography, music and acting from local talent will be in abundance during StageSmart's "The Wizard of Oz"

Do you want a fun time after all your Easter Eggs? Don´t miss your chance to see an exciting production of the Wizard of Oz produced by StageSmart. StageSmart tutors in singing, dancing and acting. Having put on the Clockmaker's Daughter and the well received Christmas Spectacular, StageSmart are back with a classic story.

To get a taste of this forthcoming production, see StageSmart´s promo video HERE!

Book tickets HERE! 

Do you want to develop your performance? At last there is a solution for all round theatre skills in Cirencester, visit for more details on how you can enjoy per

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