Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Winter Mountain Review-Prema Arts Centre, 22/11/14

A visual fitting the music

Evan Burgess trekked over to Uley to review one of the countries upcoming duos...
All the senses were catered for during Winter Mountain’s concert at Prema Arts Centre in Uley. The intriguing building in the confines of a village suitable for postcards glowed in the autumn night. The fresh air from the tree filled valley was exchanged for the smell of wooden flooring in the venue, with the waft of refreshments from the vegetarian cafe. Stocking plenty of Stroud Brewery beer, it was clear that the venue utilised the most of its surroundings.

With something for the taste buds and abundant eye candy in the form of architecture, another sense would be satiated upon the start of Winter Mountain’s set. The sound was delivered perfectly for the venue. Before I got up the stairs I had thought it was a CD playing in the background, but it was Winter Mountain’s first track. With members Joseph Francis and Martin Smyth, it was refined harmonies that put them a step above expectations. Whilst technically proficient, they also had the taste to write and cover good songs that accentuated their abilities.

I was disappointed not to be able to take their record away with me. It transpired there was just a bit too much month at the end of my money. It would have been great to keep or to give as a Christmas present. Let’s hope the crowds for their upcoming concerts haven’t made the same mistake I did!

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Consuelas to Play at Lights Ceremony

Guitar duo, the Consuelas will be playing at the Christmas Lights switch on. This year will see Saturday 29th Nov glow in the dark! The adorable double act have been building up a fan base around Cirencester and further afield for the last few years. After forming to enter a battle of the bands competition in Wooton Basset, they surprised themselves by winning and went on to search for shows elsewhere. 

The Consuelas have played at numerous beer festivals, hotels and are also open to playing the odd wedding. Popular bank holiday shows in town such as local favourite Somewhere Else have also gone down well.

The band have recorded at Stranded Studios in Swindon and are set to record original material next year to put on iTunes. Having met at Rendcomb College, the duo are very excited to play a local event and are hoping to recognise some faces in the crowd from their studies. If you want to find out more about the Consuelas or book them, you can find them online at or e-mail them on

Friday, 7 November 2014

O’Shea and O’Gaukroger Sundial Theatre Show Friday 24th Nov

Up and coming comedy duo O’Shea & O’Gaukroger came to the Sundial Theatre for a high tempo sketch show. The original duo from Devon delighted the audience with their characters, role play and banter. Some of the characters were quite menacingly odd, but less so than Pappa Lazarou in the League of Gentlemen. Talking gummy bears and women playing eastern Europeans with beards wasn’t something I’d expected, but the segues into improv were seamless and enjoyable.

As with any character show, you will need to get to know the roles and they did well considering most people would have been introduced to an array of new characters in one night.
The duo are worth seeing when they’re next in town and the Sundial Theatre has some great events coming up. The next big comedy show is Susan Calman on the 15th Nov which I will definitely be checking out, but don’t miss Iolo Williams on the 28th November, doing a wildlife talk based on his native Wales.

To find out more about the act and book tickets to future Sundial Theatre shows follow the links below: