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Client Case Study-Elite Cirencester

Lorraine Wright
Elite Health & Fitness
Lorraine Wright Case Study

Losing 13.5lbs in 21 days, Lorraine has done great. Find out how she achieved this below in the interview! Our own writer has also had some great improvements with Elite, and can testify to Lorraine’s commitment.

People need all kinds of support and are at different stages of development. Elite can help those who are fit and wishing to compete, or those who simply want to feel comfortable in their own skin. Sometimes, these people train together and inspire each other. Lorraine however has a multitude of ambitions, including a 90 mile hike! Going towards these goals can only improve her quality of life, and I am certain she can do it. I have trained in sessions with Lorraine and been incredibly impressed. I hope I will be able to make such a dramatic improvement to my results! – Evan Burgess, Cirencester Scene journalist and Elite trainee.

Interview with Lorraine

1. Why does Elite suit you?

A busy working mum of 3, I’ve spent ten years in a senior management role travelling and working crazy hours. It’s been easy to let my fitness and health slip. But now as I approach a milestone age (I will be 50 in 3 birthdays time), I’ve started to realise that there is nothing more important than my health. Previously I have joined slimming clubs (including the two most famous) and I have successfully lost weight. But... I gained it back, with more. I realised I had to do something differently, and Elite fitted that bill.

2. What was the pain point that inspired you to change? Are there any symptoms you would like to improve?

The most recent pain point I can remember was when my mother presented me with her latest set of printed photos. The ‘me’ in the photo wasn’t recognisable. I couldn’t believe how awful I looked. If you avoid full length mirrors and being centre stage in photos for as long as possible, then when you do actually see the cold truth, it can hurt. I want to look good in my clothes, wear the skinny clothes from the bag on top of my wardrobe and feel confident in how I look.

I am overweight with high blood pressure, bursitis in my hip, lower back pain and a poor diet. I am worried that I am heading towards a serious health complaint if I don’t change something fast and sustain it. I need a new way of life that will fit me.

My husband wants to do the Padjelanta Trail next year. North of the Arctic Circle in Sweden, it’s a 90 mile hike. I want to complete the walk in ten days enjoying the challenge and incredible scenery. Now I can walk about 5 miles in one day before my ankles start swelling and I feel tired. I have less than a year to dramatically improve my fitness. How awful would that be if I’m faced with calling the helicopter rescue team?

3. Why did you choose Elite?

Lots of reasons! Initially personal recommendation and then the recommendation was backed up when I read reviews on the website. I was looking for a long term solution and I knew this had to be based on both exercise and nutrition. The fact that Mac is a qualified nutritionist made Elite stand out from the crowd for me.

4. What programme are you on with Elite?

I chose the semi-private programme, which involves two one hour training sessions in the studio, and two sessions for me to do at home. The opening hours allow me to fit this in around work and home life.

I’ve followed Macs trademark 21 day kick start program word for word. It’s easy to understand the logic behind it, and Mac knows this program inside out. Conversations with Mac are fascinating, his knowledge admirable, and the explanations make perfect sense.

5. What has your experience been so far?

I’m being kind to my body. The simple facts are that in 21 days I lost 13.5lb, and 8inches from my hips, waist and bust. My blood pressure dropped dramatically, my body fat % reduced, and my hydration level increased.

However, the real experience has been the change in my approach to being in the studio environment. Not someone naturally at home in a gym, at Elite I am made to feel at home. It’s ok to be a beginner, its ok to be nervous. When the music goes on and you are working away with the other people in the class it feels normal, it feels good.

I’ve learned that everyone (no matter how fit they look) has their own personal challenge and is willing to help and encourage a fellow studio goer. There is a welcoming team spirit at Elite. The ‘secret’ Facebook group is an amazing support network where people freely share their targets, achievements and daily food photos.

The PT’s care about your personal targets and results. This is what they live for. Seeing people go on a journey and helping them along the way gives them a massive boost. So my results provide job satisfaction!

6. Why do you need personal training?

If I am left to my own devices I will do two things – 1. Convince myself that I can’t do it, so I don’t. 2. Give up too easily. Having personal training gives me the confidence to push myself and to try new movements and exercises. The PT’s are so supportive and knowledgeable. They physically correct your position to make sure the exercise is doing what it’s meant to do, and they watch carefully to make adjustments so that I don’t feel uncomfortable.

They’ve even devised a short training programme that I can take on holiday with me so that I can stay on track.

For more info contact David (Mac) Mackinnon, owner of Elite Health & Fitness, first floor Security House. Ciren, GL7 1YD

01285 239283 / 07989 744219
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Friday, 19 August 2016

Gloucester Marathon-Ciren Scene writer Evan Burgess's First Marathon! Could it be Yours Next Year?

Evan signed up 92nd, finished 646th.

Evan Burgess hadn't taken part in a marathon before, but saw the Gloucester marathon advertised in Cirencester. With nothing to lose, he signed up.

My first marathon was exciting and yet hit by some setbacks. I had broken a toe a few weeks before the marathon that made me unsure if I should run before the big day. I wasn’t certain how I would be healed by then. I definitely didn't want to aggravate the injury and miss the whole race. As luck had it, my broken toe didn’t hurt at all on the day and throughout the race! The bad news was I missed out on 4 weeks of training. A day before the marathon, wondering what my strategy should be, I googled average run times for a first marathon. The advice was quite consistent "Don't worry about the time on a first marathon, just finish it!" In the end I decided to take the advice of ultra marathon runner Stu Mittleman, which was to go slow until the body naturally sped up. If it worked for someone who ran 100 miles a day, it would work for my measly 26.2 miles.

The course of the Gloucester marathon was great, and the support from the locals was really strong. People stood and sat outside their houses, on the pavements and clapped each runner. Many children reached out for high fives . One runner even took a charity bucket with him for the entire route. He ended up getting a lot of coins from these well wishers!

When I got to mile 17, I was confronted with the steepest hill I could imagine in a marathon. Set by a pub overlooking a lake, the weather was idyllic but the incline was not! A photographer who was sat up the hill said, “Do you want to sprint past? It will look good for the picture.” “No.” The only suitable response! At this stage I had to walk. Something odd happened. A broken big toe from at least ten years before started to hurt! Not the toe I had been worried about. It seems a marathon will give you a history lesson in any weaknesses your body has.

By mile 25, I decided I had nothing left to lose so I started to jog. I overtook a man who I’d chatted with at mile 9 who had ran 88 marathons, and he congratulated my final push. I managed to overtake another man, perhaps in his 50s or 60s, “Well done, a magnificent accomplishment” he said. It felt a little underwhelming, as I at 30 was making it in just under the 6 ½ hour mark. By mile 26 I managed to sprint in to the end, which was confusing to my girlfriend who had waited all that time. “Did you run that fast the whole race?” she asked. “Yes, I got lost so I had to run it twice.”

What I can take from my first marathon is that until you have run one marathon, you just don’t know how to pace yourself. This caused me to push too hard in places and not hard enough in others. It was a great experience and anyone who is interested in trying their first marathon should give it a go next year. Until then, the Stroud half marathon is coming up on the 23rd October. I will give it my best to be there!

Evan Burgess came in number 646 with a time of 6:20:49. The winner Steve Way, took just 2:29:45.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

West Side Story Review-Bingham Hall

Evan Burgess checked out the Music Theatre Project's West Side Story, on Friday 12th August.

With a great cast to build on, this production of West Side Story was complimented by an excellent set. One of the most notable things was the high quality of the music. With strings played expertly, the music brought a swelling and discordant atmosphere. Of course West Side Story was not going to be a fairy tale. Dealing with the clash of cultures in 1950s New York, the music by Leonard Bernstein exemplified the racket of ethnicities crashing together violently.

Daniel Holley stood out playing Tony, with a show stopping version of Maria. Having performed in Cirencester from a young age, Daniel has had experience in Germany and developed a great vocal strength and flexibility you’d expect from a musical theatre star. The duets were very high calibre too.

Across the board there was a depth of quality that will surely see many of the actors growing their resumes. The night was sold out and the venue was on top form too, with a great bar provided by the Vaults and the hall set up in such a way as to ensure the greatest enjoyment.

The Music Theatre Project is certainly a stamp of quality. Don’t miss out on the next fun musical, Urinetown at the Barn Theatre! Running from 8th to 10th September, it is certain to be a fascinating comedy. Find out more here.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Disney Actress and Hedkandi Singer Run Acting and Singing Workshop 18th Aug

Having a nice time in Ciren's Costa, Jennifer and Livvy will
love running a workshop for your kids!
18th Aug Disney Actress and Talented Singer Run Workshop for Kids in Cirencester!

If your children are keen on acting and music, then on August 18th a special workshop is running for 10-18 year olds in Cirencester.

Jennifer Veal (pictured left) has a popular Youtube channel and is known from Disney's "Jessie" and "The Descendants". Having started acting at 9, she met Livvy at Sylvia Young Theatre School. Together, they will put on an intense and high quality workshop!

Disney actress Jennifer Veal will deliver 1 1/2 hours devoted to acting, whilst singer Livvy Nicole will provide 1 1/2 hours of singing and song composition. But first, there will be a 1 hour Q&A for parents and kids wanting to know some top tips for pursuing their goals. That means four hours of great fun and learning!

If you want to find out more, visit this link:

Check out Jennifer's fun video from last week, and Livvy's luscious vocals on the following links:
Jennifer invites you!
Livvy Nicole sings Poison.

Monday, 8 August 2016

More on Mindfulness with Hilary Norris-Evans

Hilary Norris-Evans

More on Mindfulness Hilary is a locally based therapist skilled in many areas, particularly hypnotherapy and nowadays a well respected trainer of hypnotherapists! Always looking to refine her skills, Hilary is a font of knowledge and there to help you.
Did you know you can change areas of your brain by practising mindfulness regularly? Studies show that areas of your brain responsible for relaxation, compassion, positive thinking and well being increase in density in those who meditate regularly, while the areas responsible for sadness, anxiety and stress decrease in density. The same applies to practising self hypnosis.

Here are 3 ways to be more mindful without anyone even knowing. Just taking a few moments every so often to bring mindfulness into your everyday life could be so worthwhile.

 1 When you receive a phone notification, consciously decide to leave it in your pocket or bag. You are the one in control and you can look at it when you want and pay full attention to the person you are with. It is much kinder and more polite too.

2 When you are waiting, say for a kettle to boil, at the traffic lights or your computer to start, bring yourself fully into the moment, rather than wanting to hurry things along. Just notice what is happening.

3 Make a simple change. If you often have the radio on in your car, drive with a CD or silence instead. If you always watch the news at ten o’clock, change to another time or watch something else instead. Be mindful of habits that fill your life up and make a conscious effort to break some of them.

Hilary Norris-Evans offers Mindfulness Classes. The next one starts in September. Contact Hilary on 07887714892 or for information about Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Easibirthing, hypnotic coaching or NLP or if you’d like a free initial presentation for your company team or club or even an initial free consultation for you individually. I help you and your work team resolve your issues, bond and reach your full potential, using hypnotherapy, mindfulness, coaching and NLP.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Win Tickets to West Side Story 11-13th August!

Would you like to win tickets? Read On!
Will you see the actors in the flesh? Enter!
If you would like to win tickets to the much anticipated production of West Side Story, taking place in Cirencester on the 11th to 13th August, simply answer this question! Two tickets are up for grabs, so don't hesitate!

Which prolific Musical Theatre composer wrote the lyrics for West Side Story? Simply send the answer to as soon as you can!