Wednesday, 30 November 2016

CrossFit Cirencester: Breaking Records

Exercising the right to remain strong,
CrossFit Cirencester.

On Sunday 20th Novemeber CrossFit Cirencester put a team in for Strongest Box, (CrossFit gyms being known as boxes). The idea was simple, entrants would get their 1 rep maximum lift for either bench press, squat, deadlift, snatch or clean & jerk.

The comp saw personal records broken and also gained gym leader Disco David Long first place in one event, the clean & jerk with 135kg. He also came second in the dead lift with 250kg. “I could not fit anymore weight on my bar.”

Other notable scores were Jack Barton with a bench press of 122.5kg, Jenny with a squat of 102.5kg and clean & jerk of

60kg. Coach Andy Kewley managed a personal record of 182.5kg deadlift and Christophe Nusse Ronus with a squat of 140kg.

Though the sun is not out, Ciren’s guns still are. Check out CrossFit Cirencester here!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cirencester Judo Club

Coaches pose with the clubs future.

Cirencester Scene’s Evan Burgess tried out at Cirencester Judo Club

With a vibrant class of youngsters, my first Wednesday night kicked off with kids about to leave the mat. Practising their hip throws, they landed gracefully! They soon made way for the adults. Every session starts with a warm up, and if necessary guided break falls (forwards rolls, side break falls etc).

Instructed by Mark, the session was roughly half ne-waza (ground technique) and half tachi-waza (standing technique). Judo is about learning how to control people without causing injury, so jobs such as security and police would benefit.

Using the opponent’s kimono, we dictated their movement. At the end of each section, we did some randori (good natured sparring).

It was clear I had to go back. My second lesson was insightful, with coach Steve giving tips on how to practice throws. Like shadow boxing, we moved as if we held an invisible opponent. This drilled our foot work. Judo is a sport that can be won on throws or submission, which includes elbow locks and choke holds (children have different rules). No one has to do anything before they are ready, and these techniques are applied gently in the beginning.

Newcomers are recommended to come on Wednesdays, u14s 6-7.30pm and adults 7.45-9.15pm. Club staff are registered with the BJA and DBS checked. After that, Monday classes are 7-8.30pm for all 8+ years and Fridays are 7.45-9.15pm for all 8+ years. Your first session is free, then it’s just £20 for a four session trial. 

In Dorchester
Membership options are agreeable. CJC is a non-profit community organisation that can help fund purchasing a gi, the only equipment necessary to train.

Get an idea of how it works here:

Music in Cirencester: Live at the Convent Record Review

Sian and Ray work the mic.

Live at the Convent Record Review
The Black Feathers are releasing a record from a performance in the summer this year at The Convent in South Woodchester. The Cirencester band, performing at The Vaults on Tues 27th Dec, have made a reputation as a great live act. Playing abroad and across the country, things have progressed that their own songs are as well known to their audience as the covers. 

On this record, the songs such as Spider And The Fly sound as well constructed as Make you Feel My Love by Bob Dylan. The presentation of the CD is really tidy and the clarity of the sound well represents Dirty Bee Studios, who mixed and mastered the 13 track offering.

The record will be available at the Vaults performance on Tues 27th Dec, which is sadly the last live show at the Vaults before it will close down. Be sure not to miss it, and purchase your record there.

Tickets to the show are only £5 and will see support from Rob Lear. If you wish to win a copy of the CD, simply answer this question:

Which is a Black Feathers original song? Spider and the Fly or Make You Feel My Love?

Monday, 28 November 2016

The Elite Health & Fitness Christmas Survival Guide

Elite are hungry for reps this Christmas.
The Elite Health & Fitness Christmas Survival Guide
Christmas is probably the most difficult time of year to stick to your fitness and nutritional goals. With alcohol and tasty treats as a constant temptation, there are normally many more social engagements. You may have much less time to exercise, and the dark evenings and gloomy weather will do nothing for your motivation.

With so many other commitments, social engagements and parties you will find that getting the same level of exercise may not be possible. You need to keep your level of exercise up, but reduce
the amount of time you’re in the gym or add in ad-hoc bursts of activity.
• Some lunges, press-ups, and tricep dips with burpees to finish before getting into the
• A 25–30 minute quick jog with some sprints
• Follow a fitness DVD or video workout, tabata or HIIT session
• Do some classes or personal training for extra motivation

In the run-up to Christmas we all get invited to more parties and dinners, and for many this means the consumption of much more alcohol. Whether you are attending Christmas parties, going around
to your friend’s house for drinks, on a night out or visiting family, alcohol always seems to be flowing.

We know alcohol features heavily and we are not going to advise you not to drink but to be mindful of what type of drink and the quantity. Different drinks contain varying amounts of calories. Aim to sup a beverage that has a lower range of calories. See the list below and make a wise choice:

Be mindful of how much you consume as your inhibitions lower and you many find yourself feasting on a high-calorie, late-night snack. Whilst you may not care at the time, you are likely to wake up and regret drinking so much and scoffing that snack.

Should you wake with a monster hangover, you are going to be washed out, tired and left with the biggest carb cravings ever. In this state, you will need the will power of a titan to avoid those carbs…

Food glorious food. Christmas is a time where you are likely to eat much more and generally food served at Christmas is higher in calories. With mince pies, chocolates, cakes to snack on and large
heavy meals to be consumed over what could be the whole festive period, the average person could put on 10–14 pounds over the four-week period.
Just by being mindful you could save yourself all the unwanted weight gain and maintain a healthier weight into the New Year. How smug will you feel!
Aim to:
1. Keep well hydrated
2. Eat more protein and reduce the carbs
3. Avoid the junk foods if you have a big social engagement
4. Supplement with digestive enzymes to help with digesting the quantity of food
5. Be mindful of how much you eat in one sitting

With all the bodily abuse, we put ourselves through, it’s no wonder we put our entire system under stress and out immune system hits an all-time low. Much of the food we consume will be lacking in nutrients, making us more susceptible to infections, disease and the common cold.
As you may expect the body requires a little help to keep things running smoothly without coming a cropper and being really ill over the Christmas period.
• Drink some greens – During this busy time get some extra vitamins and minerals by drinking some green powder. Alternatively select some greens and whiz them up in a blender.
• Antioxidants – Purchase some good quality antioxidant capsules
• Digestive enzymes – Help your digestive system by consuming these before you eat. This
may also reduce your tummy bloating.
• Milk thistle – With the increase of alcohol you may wish to help the liver along by taking
some milk thistle.
• Vitamin D – As the nights and days draw in and we get up in the dark and get home in the dark we don’t get much sunlight. Vitamin D will help keep you in a happy place.
• Essential oils (fish) – Getting a good blend of omega oils is so important in daily life and the festive period can see the amounts dwindle. You may notice your skin drying up and your brain slowing down. Replacing lost omega oils has many benefits.
We advise making many small changes to get a big result overall. If you tackle this in a proactive way you will find that come the New Year you will be streets ahead of your family, friends and work
colleagues who will be regretting yet again another over-indulgent Christmas.
Need help and motivation as we head into December? We can give you a personalised plan to make sure you don’t fall victim to looking like the Christmas pudding in the New Year.
Call: 01285 239283 and leave a message for Mac.
Get your fitness and nutrition of to a flying start in the New Year…
Purchase our 21-day HOME or STUDIO version or our 12-week studio fitness programme as a gift for yourself or someone you care about.
Visit for more information!
 *must adhere to all of the exercise recommendations for the guarantee to be valid

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Get Your Tickets! A Winter Wonderland Musical Theatre at the Bingham Hall

Maria Jagusz is busily preparing for her annual Christmas Concert which will be happening at Bingham Hall on the 18th December.

Over 30 of her current students will be joined by past students who are returning from all over the country to make this a memorable event. She is thrilled that singer songwriters Ben Maggs and Steve Simms have both offered to make guest appearances. The beautiful Alice Nelson will also be making a come back to the stage after taking some time out to have her daughter Isabella. The evening should have music for everyone from festive classical to a little of Michael Buble. If you like dance past student Camilla Alicia Bates is also making an appearance . Maria is sure that the ladies choir A SPLASH OF RED will have everybody humming along. Tickets are only £10 for this spectacular!

Aquire your tickets from the Visitor Information Centre or call 01285 654180. Check out the Facebook event here!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Local Martial Arts: Victor Estima at Gracie Barra Gloucester

Smiles as Victor Estima sits at the front after teaching
young and old to choke each other.

Victor Estima, a gold medallist in European and World Championship Brazillian Jiu Jitsu visited Gloucester Gracie Barra on the 1st Nov to give a master class in grappling. With a dojo that itself has many medal winners, Victor had a huge amount to teach. The centrally yet discreetly located Seishin Dojo had over 40 keen Jiu Jitsu practitioners of all levels learning techniques that would allow them to sweep opponents of all sizes and control them for sporting or self defence purposes.

Cirencester Scene’s Evan Burgess took part in the seminar and got some top tips from Victor.

At the back, six new blue belts stand proud.
Having taught a seminar in Bergen, Norway the night before, Victor had found himself trapped in an airport for 15 hours. This didn’t reduce his enthusiasm or energy once he began instructing in the sport he loves. He gave individual advice and notes to all participants, including allowing them to perform the techniques on him.

The best part about the seminar was the team work and humour that flooded through the dojo. At no point was anyone left out, and this goes a long way to explain why men clock off work and volunteer to grapple for an hour and a half up to six days a week.

As Victor is a black belt, he is entitled to hand out new belts to BJJ practitioners. Visiting once every six months, Victor came bearing gifts. Unlike some martial arts, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu takes a long time to progress in, with less belts than Karate and Judo, but Nov 1st saw six Gracie Barra students upgraded to Blue Belt. The journey to these belts took each individual between one and two years to achieve. But they aren’t done!

Victor demonstrates an attack from guard position.
From blue belt there are just two more belts to get to black belt, but the journey from that point can last anywhere from four to seven years with constant training. Victor offered his wisdom when giving out belts, “I don’t see this as me giving you a belt, but as you earning it and me being lucky enough to hand what’s yours over. But bear one thing in mind, it is far better to be a white belt who can defeat a black belt, than be a black belt who can’t do anything. It’s not about what belt you have.”

This is an important point, and one that means many Brazillian Jiu Jitsu practitioners have the edge over students of other martial arts, where the techniques may rely on a great amount of physical prowess and flexibility most people don’t possess. Brazillian Jiu Jitsu is the equaliser for someone who wants to defend them self but can’t rely on strength and power. Incapacitating techniques taught include manipulating the clothes someone wears against them in order to leverage a bigger opponent to the ground.

Intense sparring sessions ensure that the techniques are constantly pressure tested, without the danger of head injury that comes with striking sports. However, for the first six months of training, most of these sparring sessions are conditional and won’t leave anyone in a situation they can’t cope with. To find out more about Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, visit Gracie Barra Gloucester for your first session and feel first hand why kids and adults alike are taking to Jiu Jitsu like wild fire.

Contact details can be found below!
07973 740295