Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The International CrossFit Games in Cirencester

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CrossFit Games in Cirencester Brings the International Sensation to our Corner of the Globe...

This Friday the CrossFit Games Open will take place in Cirencester thanks to CrossFit Cirencester’s gym, or “box” as it is known in the scene.  Last year 272,000 people around the world took part in the games. There is no reason to think this won’t increase in 2016! David Long, head coach at the popular club, himself recently came 8th in a European Cross Fit competition, The European Masters Throwdown. He will be keen to see his students working hard from Friday 26th until the games close on March 28th.
Interested parties are welcome to watch how the competition unfolds. CrossFit is a fitness program founded by Gregg Glassman and Lauren Jenai 16 years ago in California. It comprises of full body movements for resistance and aerobic exercise. The competition itself comprises of five workouts where an array of movements that have been taught in class are picked by CrossFit HQ to be performed within a time limit, or a certain amount of reps must be completed in a time cap.
For those who aren’t yet proficient, scaled down versions of the full exercise are given to allow all to take part. Everyone taking part in full exercise will
...a sign of accomplishment.
have their numbers crunched and put onto a database, which will reveal where they stand in their region. For the competitive this could mean the satisfaction of a top ten in the county position to brag about. For others, just taking part is a step forward.

If you want to give CrossFit a try at the multi-award winning gym, you can take part as an individual, and for the ladies, take part in ladies only sessions on Thursdays.
For more information contact David below:

The Daniel Billing Band-Stories Review

The Daniel Billing Band

Playing at the Vaults on March 11th, find out more about the local band's new release...

This record was unexpected in its fluency. I had seen Daniel playing before in Chedworth and expected it to be a record that would be enjoyable and dependable. But from the beginning the recording clarity and musical dexterity of instrumental “The Mountain” overreached expectations. With a very firm grip on the beat, the stringed instruments converse with a groove somewhere between folk and rock.

Starting strong with the music doing the talking, when the vocals eventually come in on track 2, they enhance an already tight rustic timbre. The words aren’t as important as the way they’re sung, expressed with a sense of urgency that conveys more than they would on paper. There is a simplicity and a wisdom in the tones produced by the three piece.

Track 3 is more of a ballad, it could easily be the theme tune of a TV show in the same way as Handbags and Gladrags introduced The Office. “Hammers Melody” is next up and has a “What Will They do With the Drunken Sailor” style chorus that will no doubt be sung along by many an audience to come. At some point you can imagine Thor dropping in from Asgard to add a guest drum fill.

Returning to the Vaults on March 11th
My favourite track is “Sing to Me” which I am sure will be picked as a first dance song for some weddings in the future, in a similar vein to Green Day’s “Time of Your Life”. It has a timeless resonating quality about it, with such a broad appeal it would fit almost any occasion.

Though primarily folk in style, the Daniel Billing Band would work well at house parties or clubs to get people’s feet moving. There is an interesting earnest nature of the compositions, but then a somewhat surreal quality a little like Primus. You can see the band performing locally at The Vaults on the 11th March. Be sure to get your CD then!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Black Feathers-Soaked to the Bone Review

No time like now to get your copy

Evan Burgess reviews the Black Feathers' latest release. Get your copy now...
Popular Cirencester act Black Feathers have long stood out in the local music scene. This has led to them travelling far and wide before and after the release of their E.P. Strangers We Meet. Developing each time they return from their travels, the act always brings back more fans with them.

The Black Feathers are releasing a new record in February, but this time it is a long player. Titled Soaked to the Bone, it is everything you’d expect after hearing the wonderful E.P Strangers We Meet. Track one Take Me Back has all the hall marks of a Black Feathers song, with strong vocals from the beginning. The textures change throughout the piece but never reduce in quality.
Despite the first five songs having no perceivable percussion, the rhythm and clarity of the strumming make the songs crisp. Stand out track Spider and the Fly exemplifies the excellent rhythms without a full drum kit. Strings and acoustic guitar provide the back bone and drive the song forward to a degree crowds will likely stamp along to.

Down By the River is a fun and friendly country song. It reminded me somewhat of Will DeVille’s Across the Boderline in the respect the music was upbeat, but the lyrics were somewhat plaintive. With some athletic fiddle playing, it is clear why the duo have gone down well in Nashville.

Blind is another great song that has guitars reminiscent of Johnny Cash’s American album, but the vocals offer a dynamic most acts can’t recreate or compete with. It would be hard to imagine someone else playing Black Feathers songs, as they are carried by the personality of the writers. They do however have a universal appeal, so don’t be surprised to hear some tracks on a national radio station or whilst shopping over the next year.

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Get Twice as Strong With Elite, Or Come Back From Surgery

Evan Burgess with some happy students
Grow with Elite Health andFitness  Evan Burgess gained 5kg of muscle and doubled strength, what results could you experience?

At the beginning of training with Elite I took a fitness test as a bench mark for any change. Three months later I performed the same test and saw a massive improvement. It comprised of press ups, squats, a plank position and burpees.

Press Ups-Initial Assessment: 9 3 months later: 22 Improvement: 144%
The initial press ups were humiliatingly difficult. Though I gained weight during the 3 months due to muscle, I was able to perform more than twice the amount of press ups. Chest down to the floor with no pauses.

Squats-Initial Assessment: 39 3 Months Later: 63 Improvement: 61.5%
Air squats are a good indicator of general fitness, flexibility and strength. They engage the largest muscles in the body, the legs and glutes. I did quite well in the first test, nethertheless, adding 61.5% to any exercise isn’t bad.
Plank-Initial Assessment: 1:21 3 Months Later: 3:07 Improvement: 130%
The plank position was a great improvement It shows the body’s ability to support itself. Adding over twice as much to my results, I was surprised. I must have been doing someth
ing right by training at Elite!

Able to put a program together in moments
Burpees-Initial Assessment: 13 3 Months Later: 20 Improvement: 53%
Burpees are a hard exercise involving jumping to the floor and back up again. I managed to increase my tally by 7 to 20. I made a significant improvement to my weakest exercise!

Rosie full of determination
Rosie’s Story-Coming Back From Surgery
It isn’t just strength gains that Elite can help with, Rosie came to Elite with some serious health issues that meant being able to carry her grandchildren was a victory!

At 30, I have no excuse for being out of shape. Some people however face genuinely difficult challenges. Imagine one day you are told you have cancer and need to have a part of your chest amputated. If that is bad, imagine you were told you need your intestine removed. Which one is worse? Rosie Stanley knows that it is when both things happen after another.

Rosie was forced to have a mastectomy and some years later, completely unrelated, she needed to have her intestine removed. A part of Rosie’s latimus dorsi muscle was used for reconstruction. A blow to her back strength had a large impact on her ability to do the things she wanted to do. The removal of her intestine was less noticeable, but arguably had a bigger impact on Rosie as she could eat almost nothing she had become accustomed to. Not only that, the nutritional advice she was given was hardly adequate to thrive.

The best way to spend free time, with a prowler
Finding Mac of Elite after a friend with diabetes recommended him, Rosie’s life began to open up food wise. Fresh sources of nutrients were found. This gave a regained sense of enthusiasm for Rosie, who began exercising at Elite. With a subconscious desire to protect her body after such trauma, opening up physically and mentally wasn’t a simple process. But it happened. Rosie’s consistent training is a testament to what is possible. After her stomach op, Rosie was told by doctors to eat plenty of starch and salt. This was not enjoyable or helpful. Mac found ways so eating didn’t have to be so boring anymore.

No matter your reservations about exercise due to medical or dietary issues, Elite can help. Diabetes, depression, caesarean sections and more can be helped. In some cases, the work starts outside the gym with just advice and support. Have no fear and get in touch with Mac!
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