Thursday, 12 July 2018

Little Voice, from now to August 4th! Don't miss.

Gillian McCarthy and Sarah Louise Hughes

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

A tale of despair, love and hope written by English dramatist Jim Cartwright in 1992.

Olivier award winner for Best Comedy ‘The Rise and Fall of Little Voice’ tells the heartwarming story of a reclusive Northern girl-next-door whose remarkable ability to impersonate the great singers of old brings her into the spotlight. Pushed by a foul-mouthed, hard-drinking mother and her equally unappealing talent agent boyfriend, timid ‘Little Voice’ will need to conquer more than just stage-fright if she is to find her own voice in the world.

Named as one of the top 50 plays of all time and called a “A northern showbiz fairytale, a backstreet Cinderella story, with a built-in kick” by The Guardian. Directed by Award Wiinner Michael Strassen and featuring a full professional cast, Little Voice has something for everyone.

Sarah Louise Hughes plays LV
“Enchanting, uplifting, emotional and truthful, Jim Cartwright’s Olivier award winning show is a comedic tragedy about finding your voice in a noisy world.”

Praise for The Rise and Fall of Little Voice:

“A northern showbiz fairytale, a backstreet Cinderella story, with a built-in kick” The Guardian

“Like everything Cartwright writes, Little Voice is playful, magical and terrifying, a view of the world from an unexpected angle, perpetrated by an imagination that notices the dust in the grooves of old records and finds poetry in garish, swanky clothes or the glitterball of a rowdy northern club” Sunday Times

Please be aware that mature language, smoking and adult themes are used throughout the show.

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