Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Spartan Race Aston Down Sprint Review

People loving the gymnastic rings!

Evan Burgess of Ciren Scene took part in the Spartan Race South West 21-05-17. Maybe you will next year!
I took part in the Sunday morning 5km “sprint” through the Aston Down airfield. The only issue with the sprint was 20 obstacles and a large amount of hills!

The start was 08:40 and it would take me 1 hour and a bit to get through it, largely thanks to humping some heavy things across and unforgiving landscape. The clue is in the title, the obstacles aren´t massively complicated, but they do require a good deal of fitness.

Crawling under barbwire up and down a hill was actually quite fun, and I felt good completing the tyre walk up and down a hillside. Ironically, it was my spare tyre that stopped me completing some of the obstacles! I couldn´t navigate the gymnastic rings or rope climb towards the end of the  course. Fortunately for me, the staff understood the issue. “That´s going to be burpees!” I was informed. 10 for the rings and 30 for the ropes. Hopefully that will lighten the load for next time!

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