Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Get Your Tickets! A Winter Wonderland Musical Theatre at the Bingham Hall

Maria Jagusz is busily preparing for her annual Christmas Concert which will be happening at Bingham Hall on the 18th December.

Over 30 of her current students will be joined by past students who are returning from all over the country to make this a memorable event. She is thrilled that singer songwriters Ben Maggs and Steve Simms have both offered to make guest appearances. The beautiful Alice Nelson will also be making a come back to the stage after taking some time out to have her daughter Isabella. The evening should have music for everyone from festive classical to a little of Michael Buble. If you like dance past student Camilla Alicia Bates is also making an appearance . Maria is sure that the ladies choir A SPLASH OF RED will have everybody humming along. Tickets are only £10 for this spectacular!

Aquire your tickets from the Visitor Information Centre or call 01285 654180. Check out the Facebook event here!

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