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The Comedy Coalition Review: Barn Theatre Cirencester 10th May 2013

Host Chris Tavner, headliner Vikki Stone and opener Neil Macfarlane
New Start
A new comedy night has started in Cirencester with nomadic comedy club “The Comedy Coalition” hosting shows at the Barn Theatre. With acts that are breaking through nationally, ticket prices are at a reasonable £10.

First up on stage was Neil Macfarlane, a Scottish comic with a demeanour that let us sit back and enjoy the stories. With punch lines as well as incidents contributing to the humour, host Chris Tavner got the crowd going and another round of applause for the first act as he left the stage.

Adam Rushton, coming in from Manchester on the night, helped us get towards the break with real life capers. Host Chris Tavner kept up the good vibe and the crowd were eager for more.

Second Half
By the start of the second half Laurence Tuck came on with quite a different vibe to the other comedians. A strong character was apparent to his set, and despite it being the first time the crowd has set eyes on him, people went along with his stage persona (we can only hope it is).

Headliner Vikki Stone had an act solid as granite. Singing comedienne from the southlands Vikki is well known for “The Philip Schofield Song” which saw her raid This Morning and get Philip sniffing her underwear. Not satisfied with one celeb crush, she’s moved on to Brian Cox with a new tribute tune to the TV professor.

Leaving the crowd a bit stunned to have seen someone so good in Cirencester, Vikki left the stage to a rapture of applause.

Next show by the Comedy Coalition will be June 14th at Ingleside House.

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