Sunday 9 June 2013

Museums at Night Review: UWE Exhibition 16.05.2013

University of West of England comes to town!..
The Corinium Museum is a constant supporter of the arts. Having such a wonderful location directly in the centre of town, and hosting the Visitor Information Centre, the museum is a portal to the town. The gallery next to the V.I.C. is frequently changed so there is an incentive for repeat visits. But what hasn’t been done until this night was letting the art creep and crawl into the deepest depths of the museum.

Displaying amongst history...
With such wonderful exhibits, adding a fresh twist of modern art displayed next to culture from hundreds of years ago was a cool and refreshing experience. From an anthropological point of view, having modern and historic clash meant an examination of what makes us human. What was regarded as valuable in past civilizations and artistic is no doubt very different, but the fact that art and craft has been a constant companion to the Saxons and the students was a good enough reason.

Whilst walking through the museum I saw a man transfixed at the Saxon display, he clearly had come for the modern art, and the museum indeed would not be open otherwise, but he took his time feasting his eyes on the well constructed displays.

The scenario was win-win, if the students sold a piece that night the museum would get a commission, and the students would have a great experience and footnote to add to their portfolio. With that, the people who came to regard the display saw something quite unique. That is the reason why this kind of thing needs to keep occurring.

If you are interested in more artistic events at the museum, contact Emma Stuart.

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